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Jury Duty Leave Rules in Colorado

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Colorado employers must provide employees with leave for jury duty in accordance with these state rules.

An employer in Colorado may not discharge an employee or threaten to discharge an employee or coerce an employee with threat of discharge because the employee is called to jury service.

In addition, an employer may make no demands on an employee summoned to jury duty service that would substantially interfere with the effective performance of that service.

Upon notice by an employee, a jury commissioner will postpone and reschedule the service of a summoned juror if the juror is regularly employed by an employer with five or less full-time employees or their equivalent, if, during the same period, another employee of the employer has been summoned for jury duty.

Paid Time Off

All regularly employed trial or grand jurors must be paid their regular wages — up to $50 per day unless mutually agreed otherwise by the employer and employee — by their employers for the first three days of jury service or any part of a day.

The court will excuse an employer or self-employed juror from the duty of compensation if it finds the requirement would cause the employer financial hardship.

Failure to compensate an employee for the first three days or part days of jury duty service without excuse from the court makes the employer liable to the employee for the unpaid compensation.

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