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Jury Duty Leave Rules in Indiana

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Indiana employers must provide employees with leave for jury duty in accordance with these state rules.

If a person is summoned to serve as a juror and notifies his or her employer of the jury summons within a reasonable period of time after receiving the jury summons and before the person appears for jury service, then the person's employer may not subject the person to any adverse employment action as a result of the person's jury service.

An employee can not be required or requested to use annual vacation or sick leave for time spent responding to a summons for jury service; participating in the jury selection process; or serving on a jury. An employer is not required to provide annual vacation or sick leave to an employee who is not otherwise entitled to these benefits.

If a prospective juror works for an employer with ten or fewer full-time employees or their equivalent, another employee of the employer is performing jury service, and the prospective juror or the employee performing jury service notifies the court that they both work for the same employer, the court will reschedule the prospective juror's jury service for a date that does not overlap with the jury service of the other employee already performing jury service.

Paid Time Off

No jury duty pay is specified.

Prohibited Discrimination

An employer in Indiana may not knowingly or intentionally dismiss an employee, deprive an employee of employment benefits or threaten to dismiss or deprive an employee of benefits because the employee is summoned to jury duty.

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