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Jury Duty Leave Rules in New Mexico

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New Mexico employers must provide employees with leave for jury duty in accordance with these state rules.

In New Mexico, it is unlawful for an employer to deprive an employee of employment or to threaten or otherwise coerce him or her for the reason that the employee receives a summons, attends court or serves as a juror.

Postponement and rescheduling of service on a petit jury is allowed if the summoned employee is:

  • employed by an employer having five or fewer full-time employees, and another employee has already been summoned to appear during the same time period;
  • the only person performing particular services that are essential to the operation of a business, commercial or agricultural enterprise so that the enterprise would have to close or cease to function if the person were to be required to perform jury service; or
  • required to attend to an emergency as determined by the judge.

Individuals may also request postponement of their initial jury service.

No jury duty pay is specified.

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