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Maine Rules for Employing Minors

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Employers in Maine must conform with these state rules relating to the employment of minors.

In Maine, a minor under 16 may not be employed without a work permit issued to the minor by the superintendent of schools (or the superintendent's designee) of the school administrative unit in which the minor resides.

The employer must keep all work permits issued for its minor employees on file and accessible to any authorized official charged with the enforcement of the child labor laws.

Employment Certificate Exceptions

The employment certificate requirement does not apply to minors engaged in:

  • household work
  • work performed in the planting, cultivating or harvesting of field crops or other agricultural employment not in direct contact with hazardous machinery or hazardous substances

Minors who are participants in summer youth employment and training programs funded by the Department of Labor are exempt from obtaining individual permits, as long as the program employing the minor has submitted a master permit.

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