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Michigan Rules for Employing Minors

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Employers in Michigan must conform with these state rules relating to the employment of minors.

In Michigan, a minor may not be employed in an occupation regulated by the child labor laws until the employer procures from the minor, and keeps on file at the place of employment, a copy of the work permit or temporary permit issued to the minor by the school district in which the minor resides.

Students 16- and 17-years of-age may work up to 24 hours a week when school is in session.

Special rules apply for minors employed in establishments involving alcoholic beverages.

Employment Certificate Exceptions

The work permit requirement does not apply to a minor age 13 or older who is employed in certain farming operations. This exception applies only when the minor is employed during school vacation or when the minor is not regularly enrolled in school.

A work permit is not required for a minor who performs unpaid volunteer work for a qualified charitable organization.

Minors under the age of 18 may volunteer at county fairs and other similar agricultural events without being required to have a work permit.

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