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Military Duty Leave for Employees in Alaska

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Alaska employers must provide employees with leave for military duty in accordance with these state rules.

Employees in Alaska who are members of the organized militia must be given leaves of absence to perform active state service.


Upon release from service or discharge from duty-related hospitalization, an employee is entitled to return to a former position, or a comparable position, at the pay, seniority and benefit level the employee would have had without the leave.

An employee must report for work immediately after traveling from the last duty or hospital stay to have job protection. By not reporting for work in a timely manner, the employee will be subject to whatever discipline is given for an unexcused absence.

For militia members returning to work with disabilities who cannot perform the duties of the job last held, rights to reemployment in another vacant position expire 30 days after a treating physician releases the employee to return to full-time work.

Willfully depriving a member of the National Guard or naval militia of employment, preventing the member from being self-employed or employed by another because of such membership is unlawful.

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