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Montana Laws Relating to Workplace Violence

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A summary of Montana laws relating to weapons and conduct that impact workplace violence.

In Montana it is unlawful to carry a concealed weapon without a permit.

A permit to carry a concealed weapon is not required of a person who is outside the official boundaries of a city or town or the confines of a logging, lumbering, mining or railroad camp or who is lawfully engaged in hunting, fishing, trapping, camping, hiking, backpacking, farming, ranching or other outdoor activity in which weapons are often carried for recreation or protection or when carrying a weapon on one's own premises or at one's home or place of business.

Even with a permit, it is unlawful to carry a concealed weapon while under the influence of an intoxicating substance. In addition, even with a permit, Montana prohibits carrying concealed weapons in:

  • government-owned or leased buildings
  • banks, credit unions, savings and loan institutions
  • where alcoholic beverages are sold, dispensed and consumed

It is unlawful for a person who is not authorized to carry a weapon in the course of that person's official duties to knowingly or purposely carry or transport firearms on a train in Montana unless, prior to boarding, the person has delivered all firearms and ammunition to the train's operator.

For public safety purposes, a city or town may regulate the discharge of rifles, shotguns and handguns. A county, city, town consolidated local government or other local government unit has the power to prevent and suppress the carrying of concealed or unconcealed weapons to a:

  • public assembly
  • publicly owned building
  • park under its jurisdiction
  • school

This prohibition also applies to the possession of firearms by:

  • convicted felons
  • adjudicated mental incompetents
  • illegal aliens
  • minors

Other than these powers, no county, city, town, consolidated local government or other local government unit may prohibit, register, tax, license or regulate the purchase, sale or other transfer, ownership, possession, transportation, use or unconcealed carrying of any weapon, including a rifle, shotgun, handgun or concealed handgun.

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