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OSHA Resources for Employers

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Information and resources are available from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to help employers comply with OSHA safety requirements.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is the government agency that regulates workplace safety. A large part of OSHA's mission is to assist employers in creating a safe work environment that meets government standards. OSHA can provide various information and resources designed to help you comply with OSHA requirements and create a safety program for your business.

Included among the available resources are:

  • a directory of OSHA-approved consultation services
  • a directory of OSHA resources
  • a list of related OSHA publications
  • a directory of OSHA regional offices

Directory of OSHA-Approved Sources

Various types of consultation services are offered by OSHA and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) to help employers voluntarily comply with OSHA standards and set up effective safety and health programs.

A state consultation agency in each state is part of the national consultation program funded by OSHA. In some states, the consultation service is an independent agency. In others, it is a separate part of the agency that administers the state occupational safety and health plan.

Services carried out by these agencies include on-site consultation visits, as well as training of supervisors and employees and other assistance in developing safety and health programs. In addition to the OSHA/State consultation programs, NIOSH will make a "Health Hazard Evaluation" at the request of an employer or employees. An HHE involves workplace visits by experts to determine whether questioned working conditions are safe and healthy.

Consult our state map for your state's OSHA-approved consultation source contact information.

Directory of OSHA Resources

In 2003, OSHA and the National Safety Council formed an alliance to improve health and safety in the general and construction industries. The organizations are working together to provide employers, including small businesses, with information, guidance, and access to training resources.

The National Safety Council has various resources available including manuals, software, and training aids, containing information ranging from the most general to industry and problem specific.

OSHA Publications

Many OSHA publications are either posted in full text or available for downloading at the OSHA web site. Below is a partial list of publications that are available from OSHA:

  • All About OSHA — OSHA 3302
  • Consultation Services — OSHA 3357
  • Employer Rights and Responsibilities Following an OSHA Inspection — OSHA 3000
  • How to Plan for Workplace Emergencies and Evacuations — OSHA 3088
  • Personal Protective Equipment — OSHA 3151

Copies of some OSHA materials may also be obtained from the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO); (866) 512-1800. You can obtain information and order electronically via GPO Access.

OSHA Regional Offices

If you are unable to contact your local OSHA area office, you may contact the appropriate OSHA Regional Office for information and assistance.

Check our state map for the regional office contact information for your state.

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