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State Employment Law Update, March 2013

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While changes in federal law grab most of the headlines and the attention, changes that can affect employers are constantly being made on a state level across a wide variety of topics. For busy small business owners, keeping up with these changes can be particularly challenging. Check the state-by-state list below to find out about recent changes in your state laws that may impact you and your business.

California: Effective July 1, 2013, the Wage Theft Protection Act provisions apply to temporary services employers. Temporary services employers are required to include the rate of pay and the total hours worked for each temporary services assignment on a temporary employee's wage statement.

Florida: Employers may, through the use of an unbiased selection procedure, conduct random drug tests of employees occupying mandatory-testing or special-risk positions if the testing is performed in accordance with specific testing rules.

Michigan: Employers are prohibited from asking applicants and employees for passwords and other information used to access online accounts, including email and social networks.

New Jersey: Employers of 50 or more must provide employees with a gender equality and equal compensation anti-discrimination notice. This law also requires employers with 50 or more employees to conspicuously post notification in a place accessible to workers in each of the employer’s workplaces. However, compliance with the distribution and posting rules is not required until the Commissioner of Labor and Workforce Development issues the form of notification by regulation.

Employers in New Jersey are prohibited from requiring applicants and employees to provide access to social media accounts.

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