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Time Off for Voting Rules in Washington

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Washington employers must provide employees with time off to vote in accordance with these state rules.

Employers in Washington are required to arrange employee work time on the day of a primary election or election — general or special — so that each employee has a reasonable amount of time available for voting if the employee would not otherwise have two hours free (not including meal or rest breaks) to vote while the polls are open.

Paid time off rules: If an employee must take time off to vote because there is not sufficient time to vote while the polls are open, such time off will be paid.

Amount of time off allowed: Employees who do not have two hours free to vote while the polls are open are entitled to up to two hours off for voting.

When time off not allowed: Employees are only entitled to time off to vote if, during the period between the time the employee is apprised of his or her work schedule for a primary or election day and the date of the primary or election, there is not enough time for the employee to obtain an absentee ballot and if the employee would not otherwise have two hours to vote during the time the polls are open.

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