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Virginia Minimum Wage Law

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Employers in Virginia must conform with these state rules regarding the minimum wage paid to employees.

Virginia law provides that the state minimum wage cannot be less than the federal minimum wage. Therefore, the minimum wage rate in Virginia is $7.25 per hour.

Virginia's minimum wage law covers employees except:

  • agricultural workers
  • domestic servants in a private home and employees of publicly-funded charitable institutions
  • volunteers at educational, charitable, religious or nonprofit organizations
  • persons who deliver newspapers, persons who shine shoes, golf caddies, babysitters, theater ushers, concession attendants, doormen and cashiers
  • employees under age 18 working for their parents or guardians
  • salespersons on commission and taxi drivers
  • persons who are confined in state or local penal or mental institutions
  • employees of children's camps
  • employees under age 16 or over age 64
  • employees covered by the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
  • employees who work on a piece-rate basis
  • persons with handicaps
  • apprentices and trainees
  • full-time high school, college and trade school students
  • employees whose employer has fewer than four employees, excluding children, parents and spouse

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