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Wage Statement Information Required in Michigan

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Employers in Michigan must comply with these state requirements relating to wage statements.

In Michigan, all employers must furnish an itemized statement of deductions to employees.

Employers may use a payroll debit card to pay wages to an employee. A debit card may be used to pay an employee if the employee can obtain payment of his or her wages in full when they are due and payable and the employer provides to the employee a written notice of the terms and conditions of the payroll debit card, the disclosure of fees that may be assessed by the card issuer, and disclosure that additional fees may be assessed by third parties through the use of a payroll debit card in addition to fees assessed by the card issuer.

If an employer deposits wages into a pooled account accessible to an employee using a payroll debit card, the employer must maintain records of each deposit sent to the card issuer for that account showing the amount of wages deposited for each employee and the date of the deposit. Each cardholder's ownership interest in the funds deposited must be indicated on records maintained by the card issuer, the depository institution's deposit account, or a third party.

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