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Wage Statement Information Required in Texas

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Employers in Texas must comply with these state requirements relating to wage statements.

In Texas, at the end of each pay period, employers subject to the Texas Minimum Wage Act must give each employee a written earnings statement covering the pay period. The statement must be signed by the employer and must include:

  • the name of the employee;
  • the rate of pay;
  • the total amount of pay earned by the employee during the pay period;
  • any deductions made from the employee's wages and the purpose of the deductions;
  • the amount of pay after all deductions are made; and
  • the total number of hours worked by the employee if the employee is paid on an hourly basis or the total amount of work done by the employee during the pay period in units of production if the employee is paid on a piece-rate basis.

The words "medical certificate" must appear on the statement of deductions if the employee is paid a wage lower than the applicable minimum wage rate based on medical certification that the employee is a person with a disability that impairs the person's earning capacity.

The statement of deductions may be in any form desired by the employer and it is sufficient that the information required is stated on a check voucher or bank draft given to the employee as a paycheck.

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