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Wage Statement Information Required in Utah

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Employers in Utah must comply with these state requirements relating to wage statements.

In Utah, deductions must be itemized semimonthly or monthly, at the employer's option, and furnished to the employee.

Utah allows employers to pay wages on paycards. Paycards are defined as stored value cards that can be used at an ATM-type machine to access wages that are credited to the card. The use of paycards is permitted so long as:

  • the employee, in one transaction, is able to withdraw the full amount of earned wages without incurring a fee;
  • the full amount of wages for a pay period is available for the employee via the pay card on the applicable payday; and
  • the employer provides the employee, on each payday, a statement of deductions from the employee's gross wages, either in writing or electronically so long as the employee is able to access the information and print a paper copy of it, without cost.

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