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West Virginia Laws Relating to Workplace Violence

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A summary of West Virginia laws relating to weapons and conduct that impact workplace violence.

It is unlawful to carry a concealed deadly weapon without a state license or other lawful authorization in West Virginia.

For this purpose, concealed means hidden from ordinary observation so as to prevent disclosure or recognition. A deadly weapon is concealed when it is carried on or about the person in such a manner that another person in the ordinary course of events would not be placed on notice that the deadly weapon is being carried.

The licensing requirement does not apply to:

  • any person carrying a deadly weapon on that person's own premises
  • carrying firearms, unloaded, from the place of purchase to one's home, residence or place of business, from a place of repair to one's home, residence or place of business
  • carrying a deadly weapon while hunting in a lawful manner or going to or from a hunting sight to one's home, residence or place of business
  • carrying an unloaded pistol to or from or for target practice at an authorized target-shooting club
  • law enforcement officers
  • employees of the state department of corrections while on duty
  • members of the armed forces of the United States or the state militia while on duty
  • any circuit judge, prosecuting attorney, assistant prosecuting attorney or duly appointed investigator appointed by a prosecuting attorney
  • a resident of another state who has a license to carry a concealed weapon from that state or a political subdivision of that state, provided the other state or political subdivision recognizes and honors West Virginia licenses to carry concealed weapons

It is unlawful to possess a deadly weapon on the premises of educational facilities, including:

  • school buses
  • private or public primary or secondary education buildings, structures, facilities or grounds
  • vocational education buildings, structures, facilities or grounds
  • at any school-sponsored function

It is also unlawful to possess any firearm or any other deadly weapon on any premises that house a court of law or in the offices of a family law master.

An owner, lessee or other person charged with the care, custody and control of real property may prohibit the carrying openly or concealed of any firearm or deadly weapon on property under that person's domain.

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