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Wisconsin Laws Relating to Workplace Violence

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A summary of Wisconsin laws relating to weapons and conduct that impact workplace violence.

Effective November 1, 2011, an employer may prohibit a licensee that it employs from carrying a concealed weapon in the course of the licensee's employment. A weapon is a handgun, an electric weapon, a knife other than a switchblade or a billy club.

Effective November 1, 2011, an employer may not prohibit a licensee from carrying or storing a concealed weapon or ammunition in the licensee's own motor vehicle, even if the motor vehicle is used in the course of employment or driven or parked on property used by the employer.

It is unlawful to carry a handgun where alcoholic beverages may be sold and consumed. The prohibition does not apply to:

  • peace officers, members of the United States armed forces or national guard while armed in the line of duty
  • private security persons armed in the line of duty
  • the licensed owner or manager of the premises and any employee authorized to possess a handgun by the licensee, owner or manager
  • possessing an unloaded handgun that is encased in a vehicle in any parking lot area
  • possession or use of a handgun at a public or private gun or sports range or club
  • possession or use of a handgun on the premises if authorized for a specific event of limited duration by the owner or manager
  • possession of a handgun that is used for decoration if the handgun is encased, inoperable or secured in a locked condition
  • possession of a handgun in any portion of a hotel other than the portion of the hotel used as a tavern
  • possession of a handgun in any portion of a combination tavern and store devoted to other businesses if the store is owned or operated by a firearms dealer, the other business includes the sale of handguns and the handgun is possessed in a place other than a tavern

In addition, it is unlawful to carry a firearm in any building owned or leased by the state or any political subdivision of the state.

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