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Workplace Smoking Rules in Montana

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Employers in Montana must comply with these state rules regulating smoking in the workplace.

In Montana smoking in an enclosed public space is prohibited.

Employers covered: Employers with one or more employees.

Written policy requirements: Not specified.

Posting requirements: In Montana, the proprietor or manager of an enclosed public place must post a sign in a conspicuous place at all public entrances to the establishment stating in a manner that can be easily read and understood, that smoking in the enclosed public place is prohibited.

No smoking areas: Smoking in an enclosed public space is prohibited. An enclosed public place includes an indoor area, building or room that the general public is allowed to enter or that serves as a place of work.

Smoking is also prohibited in stores, restaurants, casinos and bars.

Permitted smoking areas: Smoking is not prohibited in:

  • a private residence, unless it is used as a family day care home or group day care home, an adult foster care home or a health care facility
  • a private motor vehicle
  • school property where smoking is allowed
  • a hotel or motel room designated as a smoking room and rented to a guest, provided that not more than 35 percent of the rooms available to rent to guests are designated as smoking rooms
  • a site that is being used in connection with the practice of cultural activities by American Indians that is in accordance with the American Indian Religious Freedom Act

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