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Wyoming Laws Relating to Workplace Violence

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A summary of Wyoming laws relating to weapons and conduct that impact workplace violence.

It is unlawful to carry a concealed deadly weapon in Wyoming unless the person:

  • is a peace officer
  • possesses a permit to carry a concealed weapon
  • holds a valid permit authorizing that person to carry a concealed firearm authorized and issued by a governmental agency or entity in another state that recognizes Wyoming permits, is a valid statewide permit, and the state has laws similar to this statute, including a proper background check of the permit holder

A permit to carry a concealed weapon issued in Wyoming or another state, does not authorize any person to carry a concealed firearm into:

  • a law enforcement facility
  • a detention facility
  • a courtroom, unless the person is the judge or a judge authorizes the person to carry the weapon
  • a meeting of a governmental or legislative entity
  • any school, college or professional athletic event that is not related to firearms
  • a portion of an establishment licensed to dispense alcohol for consumption on the premises when the portion is primarily devoted to on-premises consumption of alcohol
  • an elementary or secondary school facility
  • a college or university facility without the written consent of the school's security service
  • any place where carrying firearms is prohibited by federal or state law or regulation

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