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Ask About Announcing a New Owner to Customers

by Saling | September 19, 2012

Subject :Announcing a New Owner to Customers

Dear Toolkit, 

After decades in business, it's time to trade in bookkeeping for beaches and sales quotas for siestas. Soon, I will be signing the sale papers and relinquishing the throne to a new owner. I'm about to announce the sale of my business to my customers. What should I include in this letter to keep customer retention high during this period?


"Saleing" Away 

Dear "Saleing,"

Odds are the buyer was attracted to your book of business as much as your business. Keeping your customers happy during this transition time will be mutually beneficial. 

We have compiled a few guidelines for writing such a letter. Infuse the letter with information specific to your company while following this basic outline:

  • Start by mentioning how long you’ve been in business, how much you’ve enjoyed running your business and how much you appreciate your customers.
  • Transition into the fact that you’re selling your business. Include a brief description of the new owner(s) and when the sale date will be effective.
  • Emphasize the business will continue to offer the same services at the same price. (If this is not the case, briefly explain any pertinent changes and when customers will need to make a decision.)
  • Provide more background on the new owner(s), including relevant business experience and why the new owner has your endorsement.
  • Include a telephone number and email address where customers can contact you and your staff to discuss any questions they may have about the business sale.
  • Thank customers for their business and ensure them they’ll be in good hands under the new ownership.

Ideally, you’ll want to send such a large announcement by postal mail with follow-up correspondences by email as the sale date draws closer. However, if the closing date of the business sale is imminent, send an email announcement as soon as possible.

Good luck as you transition out of your business.