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Ask About Compliance Posters

by Newbie in New York | May 26, 2012

Subject :Human Resources

Dear Toolkit,

I've just started to hire employees and I need to know what kind of posters I'm required to put up in my shop to comply with the federal and state laws. Can you give me a list and perhaps a source?

Newbie in New York

Dear Newbie,

The minute you become an employer, you became subject to a host of federal labor laws, not to mention OSHA regulations and an assortment of other federal agency rules. To that end, your federal government wants you to display some often unattractive and space-hogging works of bureaucratic art for the reading enjoyment of your employees. Your requirements to comply vary by the number of employees you may have.

The minimum federal poster requirements include the following items:

  1. EEOC Equal Employment Opportunity is the Law Notice
  2. Federal Minimum Wage Notice
  3. INS Notice -- Department of Justice
  4. Employee Polygraph Notice
  5. Federal Job Safety and Health Protection Notice (when there is no state OSHA organization)
  6. Family and Medical Leave Act Notice (only required by employers with 50 or more employees)
  7. IRS W-4 Notice combined with IRS Earned Income Notice

The federal Department of Labor has downloadable posters on their special site for small business regulatory compliance.

To comply with New York's requirements (or even California's) you'll need to have a bigger bulletin board than you'd need if your business were in Illinois.

New York state's posting requirements include the following items:

  1. New York Minimum Wage Notice
  2. New York Child Labor Law Notice
  3. New York Minor Hours Notice
  4. New York Notice of Compliance -- Disability Benefits
  5. New York Unemployment Insurance Notice
  6. New York Human Rights Notice
  7. New York Notice of Compliance -- Workers' Compensation
  8. New York Pay Day Notice
  9. Fringe Benefits Notice

Illinois' posting requirements include the following items:

  1. Illinois Unemployment Insurance Notice
  2. Illinois Workers' Compensation Notice
  3. Illinois Pay Day Notice & Wage and Hours

California's posting requirements include the following items:

  1. CA-DFEH Harassment & Discrimination Notice
  2. California Unemployment & Disability Notice
  3. California MW-98 Minimum Wage Notice
  4. California Workers' Compensation Notice
  5. CA/OSHA Safety & Health Protection Notice
  6. Prop 65 Smoking Notice
  7. Right to Vote Notice
  8. Pay Day Notice
  9. CA Pregnancy and Family Leave Notice A & B

To learn other requirements for your particular state go to this article.

Although I'm sure there are dozens of excellent compliance poster vendors, Poster Compliance Center has an excellent combination of federal plus individual state packages designed for easy display. They also offer periodic updates and some handy compliance record keeping tools. Your local office supply megastore or other supply-type store may also have an assortment of suitable posters for your state, as well as all required federal displays and some useful general safety signs, too.