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Health Tech Is Hotter Than Ever

It was a record year for investment in health tech: over $8 billion in venture capital, fueling innovation in medicine, infrastructure, and consumer-driven health.

Doing Business in Other States - Foreign Qualification

Registering to do business in another state is important when incorporating. Learn about the foreign qualification process and requirements.

What is DBA & When to File One For Your Business

Learn reasons why small businesses file a DBA (doing business as), the benefits and where to find resources.

How to Select Business Insurance

Selecting the right business insurance is key to protecting your company. Learn about business insurance types, limits, deductibles and exclusions.

How to Build Business Credit for a Small Business

Follow these 8 steps to establish credit for your company and position your small business for favorable terms and rates.

5 Year-End Business Responsibilities

As a business enters the latter part of the year there are five year-end business responsibilities to double check to avoid costly fines and penalties.

How to Move Your Business, LLC or Corporation to Another State

Learn the legal choices and requirements when you move an LLC or corporation to another state, relocating a formal business entity. Let BizFilings guide you.

How to End Your Business | Business Dissolution

Learn how to end a business, LLC or corporation including state and federal requirements as well as notification of creditors.

The Value of Your Business Domain Name

Understand the importance of selecting an appropriate internet domain name or web address for your business.

Top 3 Tips for Building a Company Website

Learn the top three things to keep in mind when building your company website.

How to Use Twitter for Business

Learn to use Twitter for business. Our Twitter Beginner-s Guide teaches you how to get started.

Should You Dissolve Your Nonprofit Organization?

Changes in the economy and our neighborhoods can create financial challenges for nonprofit organizations. Thinking of dissolving your nonprofit? Learn more.

Protecting Your Assets Requires More than Great Insurance Coverage

Business and personal asset protection require not only insurance coverage, but also limited liability protection from formal company formation as an LLC or corporation, and financial management.

Microloan Basics for Small Businesses

Although U.S. entrepreneurs might associate microfinance with developing economies, microloans are an increasingly critical source of funding for domestic small businesses.

What Is the Difference Between Mergers, Acquisitions and Conversions?

Learn the difference between mergers, acquisitions, entity conversions, and re-domestication to improve and strengthen all business entity types.

Foreign Qualification LLC Document Requirements by State

View foreign qualification document requirements for LLCs in each state. Find out what your state requires and when you have to file.

Foreign Qualification Corp. Document Requirements by State

View foreign qualification document requirements for Corporations in each state. Find out what your state requires and when you have to file.

  • Neglecting Business License Requirements Can Be Costly

    Nearly every business must have at least one license. Determining which licenses are required by your state and local government and then complying with all the paperwork can be time-consuming and vexing. However, failing to comply and stay current with license requirements can result in fines, penalties, business closures, and lost customers.

  • Best Business Valuation Formula for Your Business

    There are many approaches to take in establishing an accurate valuation for your business. Finding the best method for your situation will provide you with the best measure of value.

  • Unwrapping the Gift Card Rules

    Customers love gift cards and most plan to buy some this year. If your business issues gift certificates, you need to understand the rules governing them.

  • Connecticut Collected Nearly $1.8 Million from Unregistered Out-of-State Companies

    An ambitious joint enforcement program between Connecticut's Secretary of State and its Attorney General to collect penalties from businesses that failed to register and obtain a certificate of authority to do business in Connecticut netted nearly $1.8 million in Fiscal Year 2015.

  • Expanding Your Business? Foreign Qualification Protects Your Rights in a New State

    If your company is planning to expand your business to another state, you will need to obtain a certificate of authority to complete foreign qualification. If your company isn't compliant with this foreign registration, the legal implications will be costly. Learn more and stay in compliance.

  • Take Action to Properly Dissolve Your Corporation or LLC

    Ending a business that isn’t working out can make way for new, successful endeavors. Don’t let the remnants of a business that exists in name only get you in legal hot water. Proper dissolution requires specific filings in both home and foreign states so that the business—and your liability—is legally terminated.

  • Keeping Up With Business Licensing Requirements

    Businesses have to handle license, permit and registration requirements throughout the business life-cycle. Whether a business chooses to do this with internal resources or to outsource some or all of these obligations, business licensing compliance is increasingly important in today’s regulatory environment.

  • RFP-EZ Makes It Easy to Bid for Government Contracts

    Technology companies may be able to land government contracts, without enduring the painful government contracting process, by taking advantage of the RFP-EZ Marketplace, a pilot program launched by the Small Business Administration.

  • When Must You Amend Your Entity's Formation Documents?

    If you have a corporation or an LLC, changes that you make to your entity's name, management or ownership may trigger the need to document those changes with your home state and each state where you have registered to do business.

  • Toolkit Newsletter- July 2013

    This month's newsletter features the latest information on the implementation of health care reform--including the delayed effective date for certain key provisions. We also cover the IRS's first-time penalty abatement program and provide some guidelines to make sure you are on track with your estimated tax payments. Other topics include: how to make the most of Facebook hashtags, why your business needs "good standing" and tips for making the most of sales tax holidays.

  • Business Cred: “Good Standing” and Why Your Business Needs It

    After a corporation, limited liability company (LLC), or other entity is formed it will need to maintain “good standing” status in state records. A status other than “good standing” could inhibit expansion into other states or the ability to obtain financing. It might also jeopardize the owners’ limited liability.

  • Assumed Names: What You Need to Know

    Any business that uses a name other than its legal name should take steps to comply with the assumed name statutes in the states in which it does business. Failing to do so can expose both the business and owners to unpleasant consequences.

  • Federal Court Confirms S Corporation's Flexibility for Owner's Asset Protection, Tax Savings

    The federal Third Circuit Court of Appeals has recently confirmed a valuable asset protection aspect of using an S corporation. If a subsidiary corporation files bankruptcy, the parent corporation can end the QSub's pass-through tax status, leaving the bankrupt subsidiary with the obligation of paying its own taxes instead of passing income through to a non-bankrupt owner.

  • Corporate Recordkeeping: A Dull But Necessary Task

    Many state laws impose corporate recordkeeping requirements on corporations. Also, shareholders typically have a right of inspection.

  • Small Business in Bloom

  • Do You Know When Your Annual Reports Are Due?

    The tax deadlines may have passed, but for many small business owners Annual Report deadlines are now on the horizon. Most states impose an annual information reporting requirement on all entities that are formed or qualified to do business within the state. The deadlines, fees charged and information required varies widely from state-to-state, but one fact is true in all states—missing a deadline can have severe consequences.

  • October Toolkit Poll Results: What Scares You?

  • November & December: Holiday Marketing

  • Take Advantage of the Opportunities and Assistance Available for Women Entrepreneurs

    October is National Women’s Small Business Month and the perfect time to spotlight the varied resources and benefits available to businesses designated as woman-owned.

  • Sizing Up Your Business with SizeUp, a New SBA Research Tool

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