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What is on the minds of America’s small business owners? We asked!

Watch now to find out key findings from our survey of 600 current and future small business owners, such as how they find needed resources or advice.

Why maintaining “good standing” is more important than ever

Watch now to learn more about what it means to be “in good standing”, some of the causes that can lead to a loss of good standing, and how your business can get reinstated.

What is the difference between a domestic and foreign qualified LLC or corporation in the United States?

When you decide to form an LLC or corporation, you must first register your business in your home state. But if you do business in several states, things get a little more complicated.

What is an LLC annual report and how to file one for your business

In this article, we explain what you need to know about annual reports, your filing responsibilities, and the ins and outs of franchise tax for your LLC.

What is a Certificate of Authority? (And when do I need one?)

If you’re doing business in another state, you may need a certificate of authority. Learn more about when you may or may not need one for your business.

What constitutes doing business in a state?

This article helps business owners to understand what constitutes doing business in a state and how to determine if your business needs to foreign qualify.

How to Overcome These Top 5 Small Business Fears and Challenges

BizFilings surveyed nearly 600 current and future small business owners. In this article, we look at their top five fears and challenges and offer some ways in which to address them.

The Benefits of New NAFTA (USMCA) for Small Businesses

On July 1, 2020, the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) came into force. Learn more about this new agreement and what it means for small businesses.

7 Ways to Protect your Small Business During Coronavirus Pandemic

7 tips to To keep your company healthy during the coronavirus outbreak. Take advantage of these seven contingency and business planning tips.

Prepare For Small Business Growth: Strategies to Grow Your Business at Scale

Bizfilings offers a comprehensive guide on how to scale your small business for growth. Learn how to format your business plan, ensure you are up to compliance standards, & much more.

What is DBA & When to File One For Your Business

Learn about what is a DBA (doing business as) filing, its benefits, when you should file for your business, how to file, required notifications, and much more. Let BizFilings help you with a DBA for your small business.

How to Select Business Insurance

Selecting the right business insurance is key to protecting your company. Learn about business insurance types, limits, deductibles and exclusions.

How to Build Business Credit for a Small Business

Follow these 8 steps to establish credit for your company and position your small business for favorable terms and rates.

5 Year-End Business Responsibilities

As the year ends, there are five year-end business responsibilities to double check to avoid costly fines & penalties. Use this checklist to be ready for the new year.

How to Move Your Business, LLC or Corporation to Another State

Learn the legal choices and requirements when you move an LLC or corporation to another state, relocating a formal business entity. Let BizFilings guide you.

How to End Your Business | Business Dissolution

Learn how to end a business, LLC or corporation including state and federal requirements as well as notification of creditors.

The Value of Your Business Domain Name

Understand the importance of selecting an appropriate internet domain name or web address for your business.

Top 3 Tips for Building a Company Website

Learn the top three things to keep in mind when building your company website.

How to Use Twitter for Business

Learn to use Twitter for business. Our Twitter Beginner-s Guide teaches you how to get started.

[Infographic] 7 Ways to Protect your Small Business During Coronavirus Pandemic

Check out these 7 ways to protect small businesses and use this as your guide to maintain a healthy business during the pandemic and position your company to thrive.

Should You Dissolve Your Nonprofit Organization?

Thinking of dissolving your nonprofit corporation? Learn more about when you should dissolve and what steps you need to take to properly do so.

Protecting Your Assets Requires More than Great Insurance Coverage

Business and personal asset protection require not only insurance coverage, but also limited liability protection from formal company formation as an LLC or corporation, and financial management.

Microloan Basics for Small Businesses

Although U.S. entrepreneurs might associate microfinance with developing economies, microloans are an increasingly critical source of funding for domestic small businesses.

Asset Strategies

Articles on asset strategies that protect the company and individual when running a business.

Government Contracting

Articles on obtaining government contracts when running a business.

Fraud Protection

Articles on protecting your business from fraud.

What is a Trademark?

What is a trademark? Trademark is one of three legal terms used to describe -intellectual property.- The others are patent and copyright.

When to Register a Trademark for Your Business

Understanding protection, advantages and use of registered trademarks.

Understanding Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights

Protect your business name and identity by understanding how to patent a name, search and apply for patents, trademarks and copyrights.

Exit Strategies

Articles on ending or selling a business.

Major Differences Between Payroll and Income Tax

Payroll tax and income tax are related, but there are important distinctions. Learn more so you’re prepared.

Foreign Qualify

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