7 Ways to Protect your Small Business or Startup During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Category:Running Your Business

By Mike Enright, Operations Manager, BizFilings

Startups and small businesses are among the hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic and are looking for ways to protect both their companies and employees. With so much uncertainty surrounding this emergency, it is important for small businesses to create a plan that is both realistic and actionable. This easy-to-follow infographic provides seven concrete areas to focus on, which range from health and safety, to finances, and compliance issues. Check it out and use this as your guide to maintain a healthy business during the pandemic and position your company to thrive in the future.

Protect SB During Covid-19 Infographic

A Guide to Creating a Legal Checklist for Your Small Business

Download our guide to creating a legal checklist for your small business. This 9-page PDF outlines the regulations your small businesses must comply with including local, state, and federal laws, not to mention your own governing documents. Get the checklist below for free.