Foreign Qualification Supporting Documents by State: For-Profit Corporations

To do business in any state other than its incorporation state, a corporation must file a form generally known as an Application for Certificate of Authority. Most states require supporting documentation (obtained within a specific time frame prior to the filing) that the corporation validly exists in its home state.

Foreign Qualification Supporting Document Requirements: For-Profit Corporations

To qualify for a Certificate of Authority many states require additional supporting documents, such as Proof of Existence, an Acceptance of Appointment by the registered agent, a Certificate of Name Registration, Proof of Publication, or disclosure regarding the activities/history of the corporation’s principals. States may also impose post-qualification requirements, such as an Initial Report.

To be valid, these supporting documents generally must be obtained within a certain period of time prior to filing a foreign qualification. To help illustrate how requirements vary by state we created a map that provides a high-level overview of the "Proof of Existence" documentation requirement and the time-frame when it must be obtained.

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Foreign Qualification Supporting Documents Sample Map

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Foreign Qualification Supporting Documents Map