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Toolkit Newsletter- July 2013

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BizFilings Business Owner's Toolkit
Toolkit Newsletter Issue #129
July 23, 2013
Health Care Reform Update: Feds Issue Transition Relief for Employer Mandate Delay
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Employers with 50 or more employees have a one-year reprieve from the shared-responsibility mandate, which requires them to provide health insurance or face a penalty. This provision will not be effective until 2015, rather than in 2014 as originally scheduled. The postponement brings its own challenges, which are addressed in IRS guidance.

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Can Facebook Hashtags Bring New Visitors to Your Page?
Hashtags are used in social media postings to provide for informal gathering of content related to a topic. Facebook has recently enabled hashtag functionality in their products which adds another tool to help local businesses connect with their customers. Businesses can work together can tag posts in order to create a buzz about local happenings and introduce new customers to their offerings.
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Do You Owe the IRS? This Program May Help
Missing a tax deadline can mean paying steep penalties in addition to the amounts that you owe. However, if you have a good record of compliance with the tax laws, you may be able to take advantage of the IRS's first-time penalty abatedment program.
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Business Cred: "Good Standing" And Why Your Business Needs It
Operating your business as a legally formed entity, such as a corporation or a limited liability company, means that you have an obligation to keep the entity in good standing by filing the required annual reports and paying any required taxes and fees. Failing to do so not only jeopardizes your ability to expand into other states, but may you forfeit your limited liability protection as well.
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Tax Check-Up: 2013 Quarterly Estimated Tax Payments
If you operate your own business, the odds are high that you will need to pay estimated tax throughout the year. With two payments remaining this year, it's time to evaluate whether you are on track with the amount that you are paying. Tax changes, such as higher tax rates and increased Medicare taxes imposed on higher-income taxpayers, make this mid-year checkup even more important for 2013.
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Beat the Heat
piggy bank with gauge in stomach Take Your Temp

Gauge the financial health of your business.

blazing hot sun Summer Safety

Protect workers from the heat.

programmable thermostat Save Energy

Lower your summer utility bills.

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Ask Toolkit About . . . Amending Returns and Loan Documentation

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"Dear Toolkit, My banker just called with good news. They have approved my business loan application, and I am to report to the bank next week to close the deal and receive the money. Since I'll have to sign my life away, can you tell me what I need to watch out for in all that paperwork? Thanks.—Happy Camper"
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