Staying Compliant

Learn more about keeping your business compliant with ongoing state requirements.

What Are the Business License Requirements for a Cannabis Business

Discover the business license requirements for a cannabis business, including basic legal requirements, which state department to work with, how licensing differs based on product category, & more.

California New Consumer Privacy Act: Business Requirements

Learn about the 2018 New California Consumer Privacy Act, including how it protects consumer, the requirements for business to do in order to be compliant, and more.

Selling Online? You Still Need Proper Permits

Selling online - even through a marketplace like Facebook - requires certain business permits. Learn more about the requirements.

Do I Need a Business License for an Online Business?

When starting an online business, it's important to consider everything needed to operate your business effectively. Registering a domain name and designing your website are vital for online businesses, but legal requirements like business licenses and permits are just as important.

Business Compliance Requirements & Consequences

Learn about business compliance requirements for each business type including internal tasks and record keeping along with ongoing state mandates.

Important Steps to Take After Business Incorporation

Newly incorporated? Learn important steps to take after your incorporation is complete.

Understanding Business Licenses

Avoid starting your business off on the wrong foot by obtaining the appropriate federal, state and local business licenses and permits.

Understanding Business Annual Report & Franchise Tax Obligations

What is franchise tax? Read important information on filing your business- annual report and paying your franchise taxes.

Nonprofit Organizational Changes & State Amendment Filings

Learn about how organizational changes in non-profit organizations may requirement a change to your Articles of Incorporation with an Article of Amendement, including name changes, address changes, changes in officers & more.

Managing Annual Reports By Yourself Can Be Tricky And Risky

Learn why it can be risky to manage annual reports for your business yourself rather than using an Annual Report Service, including when you do business in more than one state, staying compliant with upcoming filing deadlines, & more.

How to Avoid Piercing the Corporate Veil

Piercing the corporate veil, Learn what it means and how to avoid it.

Essential Elements of Good Standing: Registered Agent and Annual Reports

Good standing can be lost by failing to maintain a registered agent or file annual reports. BizFilings keeps your business from falling behind.

LLC Dissolution in 3 Steps

BizFilings' Dissolution infographic helps illustrate three important steps you can take to properly close your LLC business, avoid penalties and prevent fraud.

4 Resolutions Every Business Owner Needs to Make

Resolving to audit your company’s licensing, annual reports, registered agent, and standing can keep your business in top shape for the upcoming years.

Business License Requirements: Handyman vs Contractor

Planning on becoming a professional contractor or handyman? Make sure you have all your state business license requirements. Find out more.

Reinstatement: Restoring Your Small Business to Good Standing

Reinstatement requires a company to resolve outstanding business compliance issues and submit necessary forms and fees to the state. Understand the major requirements a business needs to meet in order to be reinstated to good standing.

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Managed Annual Report Service

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