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New Business Startup Checklist


New Business Startup Checklist

Updated on Mar 12, 2019

The New Business Startup Checklist contains a checklist for all the steps you should take before you start a new business. It's a "to do" list for starting a new business in much the same way that a grocery list is a "to do" for grocery shopping.

It contains a general, high-level listing of the tasks you need to complete in starting your new business. So, for example, while it lists "prepare a business plan" as one of the tasks, it does not list every step you need to take to create a business plan.

The file contains a one-page document in rich text format (RTF) that is suitable for use with most word processing programs used in the Windows environment. 


Special Features:

Included are the following:

  • a listing of all the background steps you need to take, including establishing business goals, determining the best location for your business, and assessing your financial situation
  • a listing of all the business transactions you need to take, such as hiring a lawyer, establishing a line of credit, and getting business insurance
  • a listing of all the pre-opening steps you need to take, including reviewing building codes, obtaining business licenses, and joining professional organizations

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