5 Steps to Online Incorporation

Our process provides you with an easy experience and a high-quality service.

Our Process

Here’s what to expect when you incorporate online with BizFilings — 5 steps to online incorporation.
We’ll email you at different points in the process or you can check the status of your order anytime
in our Online Status Center.

Quality check

We ensure that all the information you provided during the order process meets state requirements. We’ll contact you before we prepare your filing if we see any issues.

Name check

Next, we conduct a preliminary name check to see whether the business name you’ve selected is available in your state of incorporation. Final approval of your name will be granted by the state.

Documents filed

We prepare your incorporation documents and send them to the state agency. State approval and processing times vary, but can be fulfilled within 10 business days with expedited service. Once we received your state-approved incorporation documents back, they are immediately available in our Online Status Center.

Documents delivered

A complete package of documents and materials is then shipped to you. In addition to your incorporation documents, this will include company form templates specific to the business type you chose to help you comply with ongoing formalities.

Post-incorporation and ongoing support

After incorporating, you’re ready to formalize your business, such as by holding initial meetings and issuing ownership shares/certificates. Also, make sure you have any necessary licenses and permits, and continue to meet ongoing compliance requirements.

BizFilings is ready to help you every step of the way—not only for incorporation services,
but for the support you need throughout the life of your business.