How Cheeky Monkey got its start

Cheeky Monkey was born from the need to educate the public to the benefits of replacing gold and silver mined from the earth with recycled metals and fair-trade gems, including using everyday items such as circuit boards from computers, which otherwise would be dumped in landfills.

What got you interested in starting your business?

An opportunity. I have always been creative but to have the opportunity to get involved in something that tells a story and makes a difference was too good to pass up!

What was your most memorable experience starting your business?

Being asked to design rings for ABC’s The Bachelor and then for the most famous contestant, Bachelor Bob. I later went to his wedding and created a platinum cuff, which I attached to his wrist during the ceremony.

What’s been your most rewarding experience so far?

Two experiences stand out. It has been working with The Humane Society of the United States to help save Canadian seals, as well as supplying the jewelry for the 2009 Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleading calendar shoot.

How did BizFilings help you along the way?

BizFilings took the stress out of the legal side of my business, and allowed me to focus on what I do best: the design.

What’s next for Cheeky Monkey?

Cheeky Monkey will be launching a new line of recycled jewelry next year to help promote the need to save our planet’s coral reefs. We are working with Seaweb’s Too Precious to Wear campaign to educate and spread the message of this worthy cause.


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