How Chef Randall Fusion Cuisine Inc. got its start

Chef Randall Fusion Cuisine Inc. started from doing a lot of summer time BBQ’s and transitioned into sexier parties for grown-ups. We specialize in high-end, sexy gourmet food. We team up with models and do fashion shows—coordinating food, clothes and gorgeous women.

What got you interested in starting your business?

I started Chef Randall Fusion Cuisine Inc. because nobody that I was working for at the time had the concept. I wanted my own spin on food: how to cook and present it. Working with restrictions became very annoying and was robbing me of my passion for cooking. I wanted to find a way to pair my passion for Caribbean cuisine (being of island descent) with Asian food—which I fell in love with after graduating from Chef’s school. I discovered similarities between cultures and began experimenting with different cooking methods and traditional ingredients.

The result was intoxicatingly delicious exotic flavors coupled with incredibly seductive, beautiful food. As I did more events, I got more into the décor and the ambience of the surroundings where my food was displayed. I started to focus on creating a fairytale feeling, so as people gazed at my plates they would also marvel at their surroundings and rejoice in the flavors. My belief is that eyes, nose, tongue—everything eats at the same time. I hope to spread my concept as far as possible. It can only enrich people’s lives.

What were your experiences getting up and running?

My most memorable experience was my first decent-sized catering event. It was for 400 women and just the fact that I pulled it off and got so many thank yous, referrals and genuine love for my work—I knew I had made the right choice. Also, to make this event a success, I relied on the help from my entire family, making it even more memorable. It was truly an amazing and beautiful day.

What’s been your most rewarding experience so far?

My most rewarding experience so far would be the high-end fashion meets high-end food shows. There’s nothing better than beautiful people telling me how beautiful my food is. Very good for the ego!

How did BizFilings help you along the way?

BizFilings made the incorporating procedure extremely easy and customer friendly. That helped us.

What’s next for Chef Randall Fusion Cuisine Inc.?

Another concept. Chef Randall Fusion Cuisine Inc. is looking for the perfect location and partner to establish an upscale lounge and cocktail bar specializing in international seafood appetizers and aphrodisiacs.

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