How Manhattan Comprehensive Audiology got its start

After I started working for an Ear, Nose, and Throat practice during the summer of 2008, we learned that New York State laws required that the audiologist sell hearing aids under their own entity. After this discovery, Manhattan Comprehensive Audiology, PLLC was born.

What got you interested in starting your business?

Time to transition. I had been a licensed, dispensing audiologist for about 5 years and working for a non-profit when I decided that it was time to transition into a private-practice setting.

After discovering that I couldn’t sell hearing aids through the ENT’s entity, I took this opportunity to launch my own business and start my own private practice. I already had years of diagnostic and hearing-aid experience under my belt and was about to finish my doctorate degree in audiology. Starting a private practice would give me the independence and autonomy to create a successful future for me and my family.

What were your experiences getting up and running?

At first, starting a new business was a bit overwhelming. I had to start keeping track of financials, which was all new to me. With the help of an accountant, this became a lot easier. I picked up where I left off at my previous non-profit job. I brought the same care and attention to my patients as before and the bonds and trust started to form between myself and my patients.

What’s been your most rewarding experience so far?

Enhancing the quality of my patients’ lives is the most rewarding feeling I can have as a professional and as an ordinary human being. Watching my patients improve their ability to communicate with their family and friends is an unbelievable feeling. I believe as long as I stay true to my core values, my business will grow exponentially.

How did BizFilings help you along the way?

BizFilings helped me by making starting up my PLLC an easy and seamless process. They took a once daunting task and made it simple by doing all of the leg work for me.

What’s next for Manhattan Comprehensive Audiology?

I’d like to grow Manhattan Comprehensive Audiology into a bigger practice and hopefully one day expand my business into multiple locations. Maybe one day you can find a Manhattan Comprehensive Audiology in your neighborhood.


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