How PawPlunger® got its start

After walking my puppy, Lulu, on a rainy, muddy, fall day in NYC, I was carrying her through my apartment into the bathroom (yet again) to wash her muddy paws. I thought to myself: I can’t do this every time it rains for the next 15 years! That was my light bulb moment for the PawPlunger—a device that uses gentle bristles to thoroughly remove mud and debris from dirty paws.

What got you interested in starting your business?

Necessity is the mother of invention. I needed a PawPlunger to cope with my messy muse LuLu. A PawPlunger did not exist on the market, so I took it upon myself to create one. It was then I thought, if I need a PawPlunger, other people might too. Turns out I was right. But that was just the beginning.

What was your most memorable experience in starting your business?

Once I applied for a patent and then started my LLC through BizFilings, I hit the streets and the Internet to market the PawPlunger. My goal was to make it one of the TOP three must-haves when you get a dog. Leash, Micro-chip and…PawPlunger. When Good Morning America contacted me to say they were featuring the PawPlunger on the show and that Diane Sawyer was going to demonstrate it – I knew I was on my way.

What’s been your most rewarding experience so far?

I try to respond to every customer who writes or has comments. I learn so much from my customers and I appreciate their comments. Plus, when I get a rave review with a thank you—telling me how the PawPlunger has helped them in their lives―I feel like all the hard work is worth it.

How did BizFilings help you along the way?

BizFilings has been my virtual partner. I have so much on my plate as my business grows—it’s difficult to keep track of everything! BizFilings never forgets a filing date and is always available to help with questions that come up.

What’s next for PawPlunger?

The Baggel! Well, now that the PawPlunger is on the way, I have found that customers look to me (or LuLu!) for product advice. I created the Baggel (it’s a bag, it’s a towel…It’s the Baggel!) as the perfect accessory for the PawPlunger, so owners will never be with out a towel. Next up— a line of pet-grooming products called LuLu’s Lifestyle. Once again, LuLu is my messy muse. LuLu’s Lifestyle’s products will be of the highest quality, all natural and affordable! Look for them in Spring of 2010.


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