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The BizFilings team is eager to help you understand core business concepts, explain your incorporation options, and put you on a path to success.

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  Phone: 800-981-7183 ext. 1267617#

A.J. Simmons

Processing Specialist

"Swing hard, in case you hit it."

A.J. has completed over 6,000 name verifications for companies across the country. He enjoys hockey, baseball, traveling and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. A.J. is known for:

  • Providing pinpoint customer service
  • Being a highly motivated individual
  • Over 3 years of helping customers start their businesses online

A.J. Recommends

Call us if you have questions. For example, a gentleman in Florida was in contact with our company on several occasions to get more information on incorporating his business. Several months later he called back and to say that his business had been very successful and invited us to see the new yacht he purchased. We’re here to help answer your questions, and it’s always satisfying to hear of our customers’ successes.